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We get it. You want to make a smart decision. Let us help with a detailed comparison of your current monthly cost and what you could get from iVinton. Take a picture of your bill and upload it into the iVinton comparison form right from your smartphone or your computer.

iVinton is the only 100% fiber-optic network in town. Find out what light can do for you!

Remember, you will not be billed for any services until our services are available and a technician has converted your residence or building from your current communications provider to iVinton. When services are available we will schedule a time to install and test the equipment. You can always add optional services or change your selection of services at that time.

Want to talk with someone first? Be in touch by email at, give us a call at (319) 472-3255, or come by the iVinton office at 412 1st Avenue.

Sign-up and enjoy all that time you waste waiting on your internet connection.

Have a contract? Click "I have a contract" and let us know when it expires and your service (and billing) can start the same day you say goodbye to the other guys.

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