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  • With social distancing restrictions in place, what precautions are being taken for in-home surveys and installations? Is it safe to do them now?"
    We are confident that site surveys and installations can be conducted safely because iVinton and our vendors are stringently following the safety precautions and guidelines recommended by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).
  • What is a Mesh Network?
    In some cases WiFi coverage in our home is inconsistent. In order to eliminate dead spots it may be necessary to install additional hardware to provide full coverage to your entire home. These small devices simply plug into an existing outlet and work seamlessly with the WiFi router provided by iVinton.
  • What is an IP Set Top Box?
    Each television in your home will be required to have a set top box. One set-top box is included with your TV subscription, however, each additional television you would like to view iVinton programming on will require rental of additional set top boxes. While they are called “set-top” boxes, they are actually quite small and in many cases can be mounted behind your TV so they are out of the way.
  • What if I only want HBO?
    Any Premium Channel will require a subscription to Basic TV.
  • What is Time Shift?
    Commonly referred to as DVR (digital video recorder), Time Shift allows you to pause, record, and playback programming on multiple TVs simultaneously. iVinton will offer 3 options for Time Shift or DVR. Whole-home DVR will record up to 100 hours of programming and DVR Plus will record up to 200 hours of programming.
  • What is Restart/Catchup TV?
    Unlike DVR services where you need to set a recording for a specific program Restart allows you to review the entire cable lineup and watch shows that aired up to three days in the past. Even though you didn’t record shows they are still available to you to watch anytime. The primary difference between DVR and Restart TV is that your DVR recordings will remain in your library until you delete them. Programs you watch with Restart TV are not recorded in your library.
  • Will weather affect my signal?
    iVinton’s state of the art fiber network will not be affected by weather. You will be able to stream, watch and talk regardless of what mother nature throws at us.
  • What is an ONT?
    The ONT (optical network terminal) is the main hardware that converts the signal from the fiber optic network to your phone, TV and internet. Each home or business that signs up for service will be provided an ONT by iVinton at no charge. You will still need additional hardware including set top boxes, and routers.
  • How is the phone system set up?
    You will have two options for your phone system. If your home is equipped, and you would like to continue using your existing wiring you will be able to. Your existing phone will work just as it does now. If you don’t have existing wiring you will be able to utilize cordless phones by plugging them into hardware provided by iVinton. You can review the multiple setups with your installation team when they arrive.
  • Will services be available for residents near Vinton but outside city limits?
    Currently iVinton service is limited to City of Vinton residents only. For questions regarding service area and options please contact us by phone at 319-472-3255, by email at, live chat when available on our website ( or by stopping into our office located at 412 1st Avenue, Vinton.
  • How reliable are iVinton services?
    iVinton is built from the ground up to be the most reliable network in Vinton. Fiber optic network like iVinton have a very high reliability for internet, cable TV, and telephone service.
  • Are there any data limits?
    All of iVinton’s internet plans will include UNLIMITED data. You’ll have plenty of bandwidth for all your surfing and video streaming needs and will never have to worry about overages!
  • Other Questions?
    Get answers to any other questions you may have by talking with one of the members of our customer care team. Contact us by phone at 319-472-3255, by email at, live chat when available on our website ( or by stopping into our office located at 412 1st Avenue, Vinton.
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