Channel Listings

iVinton Television delivers crystal clear video and sound regardless of the weather, and regardless of the channel you’re watching. Every channel is delivered by fiber optic cable and you can watch shows you decided to record, or shows you first learned about weeks after it aired. For sports fans, we offer the Big Ten Network and sports from Iowa State University* along with Major League Baseball. Movies, your favorite networks, and optional features like DVR, “instant playback,” and TV Everywhere, iVinton has choices and channels for every viewer. One feature we’re especially proud of is the clarity and organization of our channel guide, both printed and online. If you’ve tried to use other channel guides for local TV services you know how disorganized and confusing they can be. By building a new service from the ground up, iVinton channels are grouped together to make finding your favorites easier, and there’s just one number for each channel, not separate ones for regular and HD.

Basic Channels

Basic TV Channels and 1 IP set-top box. $44.99/mo.

Basic Plus Channels

Basic TV; Basic+ Channels and 1 IP set-top box. $85.99/mo.

Family Plus Channels

Basic TV; Basic+; Family + Channels and 1 IP set-top box. $95.99/mo.

Sports Plus Channels

Basic TV; Basic+; Sports + Channels and 1 IP set-top box. $95.99/mo.

Total TV Channels

Basic TV; Basic+; Family +; Sports + Channels and 1 IP set-top box. $105.99/mo.

Premium Channels

Available to add on Basic, Basic +, Family +, Sports + and Total TV packages

HBO $15.99/mo.

Cinemax $11.99/mo.

Starz Encore $11.99/mo.

Showtime Unlimited $14.99/mo.

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