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ALL the Services you Need to Phone Home, Watch TV or
Connect with The World. 


The iVinton fiber communications system offers the same reliable service Vinton utilities are known for, but with options for internet, phone and TV that outshine the competition.

What makes iVinton different from the competition isn’t just superior and more reliable technology, it’s that iVinton is a home-grown product from start to finish with the only goal of making Vinton a better place to live, work and play. Community volunteers and the utility board have worked for five years to create a system built on a foundation of the latest technology.

Whether it’s the initial installation or responding to a problem, (and let’s face it, every technology comes with the occasional problem) the people responding will be people like you who want our community to be a great place to live.


Home 100

100 download x 100 upload

Casual home and occasional telecommuting.



Frequently Paired with:

Home Local

Basic TV


Basic Plus

Local TV channels, Enhanced TV channels, and 1 IP set-top box.



Frequently Paired with:

Home 250

Home Total


Home Total

Unlimited local calling. Unlimited calling

features. Long distance billed as used.


$24.99/mo per line

Frequently Paired with:

Home GIG

Sports Plus

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